As much as I love painting, I love to learn about other artists lives, so I read as many books as I can on this subject.  There are always things that peak my interest in the books that I read, so I put them in here and then try to learn more by searching the internet.

This blog is named “Where I Paint and Learn” for a good reason.  I can’t go to any University Arts program, but every day I want to learn something about art and this blog is my own “university”.  I just share what I’ve learned because I love to share. If you’re interested in learning too, in smaller snippets than usual, then come along with me!

It’s probably not the right way to keep a blog, but it is my way.  I want to be able to go into it later and review my thoughts and what I’ve been able to learn.  It’s my notebook or as we used to say when I went to school, it’s my scribbler.

I also have another website called Lady Quotes. I use the paintings of women by deceased artists and put quotes from women that have made a difference in the world.  Check out my  Lady Quotes.  This is also for my learning purposes.