Pear Oil Painting

This is one of three 6×6 inch paintings I did to use up left over paint and do a small study.  Called this one “The Lonely Little Pear”

Oil Painting of a Duck

The start.

I have been refusing to copy any one else’s painting for a long time, but I’ve come to the point where I feel that I need to paint some.  Since I have no teachers and have been self taught, I’m at a point where I think it’s time I do so.  How else am I going to learn?

It feels like I  keep making the same mistakes all the time…maybe trying to copy, not exactly of course, but the idea seems like a good place to start.  So this is my first one.



The whole underpainting

I’ve picked something relatively easy to do (once you see it done).  It’s called the “Waddler” by Cheri Christensen.  Check out her website for all the sweet paintings of farm animals that she does.  They are wonderful

Things Don’t Come Easy

I was so excited when I first started this painting.  It had a “darkish old world” feeling about the photo.  But holy cow, I could not get the hang of making this painting work.  I tried at least 5 times (after the drying times) trying to salvage it in some way or make it presentable enough for me that I didn’t chuck the whole thing into our wood stove!

The last attempt was to make the whole thing black except for her face and then I realized that I didn’t want to waste all that paint!  So I scumbled a bunch of paint I had on my palette on the canvas and called it a day…and I haven’t touched it since and never will again.

I’m learning that:

  1. Just because I will something to work out doesn’t mean it will.  I need to do more planning.
  2. I need more variety in my palette and I need to know how to place these bits of paint in a better manner….the first time.
  3. I need to let go…I was just “so determined” that this painting wasn’t going to be ruined.  I sweated about it way too much.

This Pisses Me Off!

Am I the only one that is ticked off with this photo?
I understand that nude models both men and women are necessary for learning the figure, but I find this picture very demeaning and offensive to women.  Don’t get me started on the smugness of the men…

Students and model, believed to be one of Gérome’s classes at the École des Beaux-Arts.

Who Killed Tom Thomson?

A book written by John Little whose father met Tom Thomson Continue reading “Who Killed Tom Thomson?”

Lao Tzu Quote ~ Ant

An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.  Lao Tzu Continue reading “Lao Tzu Quote ~ Ant”

First Time Pastels

Got pastels about a year ago and just decided I need to work with them…what fun. Like being a kid again. Working with pastel seems like “joyful”;  working with oils seems like “work”. LOL

The pink one is a mat board that I added some clear gesso to it to give it some teeth…perhaps a bit too much teeth.
The blue boat was done (not finished yet and will probably never get done) on regular pastel paper. Even though not really done there is a certain something that I like about the boat.

Things I’ve realized about pastel:  It’s kind of messy.  What you work on makes a big difference.  Also blending is very different depending on what you work on.


Pomegranate Woes

I had to get myself started painting Continue reading “Pomegranate Woes”

John Fisher ~ Sculptor

This is about sculpture, but his ideas pertain to anyone wanting to accomplish art. Continue reading “John Fisher ~ Sculptor”

First Attempt at Sculpture

Our teacher Melissa 

Continue reading “First Attempt at Sculpture”

Learning about light

Some of the skills being learning by my small band of very young students .


Man #1 in progress

Just showing a work in progress. Will take more images for my next painting. Continue reading “Man #1 in progress”

The Life in the Studio

I really enjoyed this book because Nancy Hale talks about both her artist parents as Continue reading “The Life in the Studio”

How to Create an Enemy


Start with an empty canvas
Sketch in broad outline the forms of Continue reading “How to Create an Enemy”

Is this art???

What is the first thing you think of when you say the word “art”?  I can almost bet the thought of some “painting” comes to mind. Continue reading “Is this art???”

Conceptual Art? No Thanks!

conceptual art

I grit my teeth and always feel guilty after seeing conceptual art.  It’s not that it’s “conceptual” it’s that it’s called “art”. Continue reading “Conceptual Art? No Thanks!”

Friendship. Oil painting of a girl and child on a riverbank.

The Eye Doth Fool

Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it,” wrote Leon Trotsky. Continue reading “The Eye Doth Fool”

Mother and baby oil painting

I’ll try anything…

I have this crazy habit of trying to paint things that I shouldn’t be trying to paint.  Continue reading “I’ll try anything…”

Oil painting of fields

Van Gogh Study


What can I say, I must have been  (unknowingly) a snob (though a closet one) when I first started painting.  Continue reading “Van Gogh Study”